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Not every property for sale is shown on an agent's public register but only those which are being offered in the open market. Sometimes a transaction has to be dealt with confidentially in which case we make discreet approaches to our contacts or through advertising with box numbers. If you are seeking a particular type of business as a going concern then please register full details of your requirement as we may be able to introduce you to further property which is not being openly offered.

We often work for those wishing to buy or rent a property or business and in that case we look to that person for a fee or commission for seeking and securing premises.

Companies and private individuals make use of this acquisition service for a number of reasons, the main one being our intimate knowledge of the local market. We know where to start looking for property to suit the client's search criteria and can, further narrow the search with background knowledge of the current occupier's intentions.

We may be asked to find investment property of a certain type and price range or property for occupation. This facility is particularly useful in a seller's market where there may not be a great deal of property openly offered for sale or to let.

Our service can be tailored to a client's requirements. It may be relatively casual along the lines "If you can introduce property which we acquire then a certain amount of commission will be paid". This puts no onus on us as agents to actively seek premises and the client may have given similar undertakings to other agents. At the other end of the scale is a firm instruction to take active steps to seek and secure property. These steps may include a mail shot to suitable target occupiers, advertising for property wanted and making full use of our contacts and expertise to bring forward a selection of property. Fees are negotiable depending on the search and might be based on a commission, an hourly rate or a combination of the two.

Identifying potentially suitable properties is the first step and this is followed by detailed inspection and recommendation of those that appear most suitable leading to negotiation and hopefully agreement of terms. Advice can be given on all aspects of the property, either directly or by the introduction of other specialist firms. We will expect to work closely with our client's other professional advisers such as their accountant, solicitor, engineer, architect and building surveyor.

If you yourself have identified a property or business that may be suitable we will be pleased to act as agent or negotiator to advise and acquire the interest on your behalf.

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