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Investment or HMO conversion: For Sale

Reference: O1675

Location: City centre between Abbey and station

Tenure: Freehold

Cost: 2,400,000

Size 9100 sq ft ( 845 m² )

Note: 2 floors of let offices , 3 floors now vacant HMOs. Consent for further floor conversion to HMO.


Showroom/Offices To Let

Reference: O1661

Location: Established Westfield Industrial Estate

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 49,500 per annum

Size 5700 sq ft ( 530 m² )


Open-Plan, City Centre, Single Floor

Reference: O1595

Location: Historic centre of Bath

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 75,000 per annum

Size 3475 sq ft ( 323 m² )

Note: Refurbished, well-lit offices, own facilities including shower


"UNDER OFFER" Whole office building for sale

Reference: O1680

Location: Between Abbey and station

Tenure: Freehold

Cost: 950,000

Size 2800 sq ft ( 260 m² )

Note: Good outlook along South Parade. Paved rear garden.


Foe Sale: 2 storey offices or 2 houses

Reference: O1691

Location: Set back from Walcot Street

Tenure: 999 year leasehold

Cost: 1,100,000+VAT

Size 2650 sq ft ( 246 m² )

Note: Mainly open-plan offices + 2 parking spaces. Prior approval obtained for conversion to residential. 3,000 sq ft GIA Short level walk from centre of Bath


1st floor, corner position, potential open-plan

Reference: O1668

Location: Bath city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 50,000 per annum

Size 2300 sq ft ( 214 m² )

Note: Prominent location right in the city centre. Currently partitioned into offices and training rooms. Self-contained with own facilities. Passenger lift.


Offices on three floors

Reference: O1638

Location: George Street, city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 34,000 per annum

Size 1976 sq ft ( 184 m² )

Note: Open-plan 1st floor studio with meeting room and 5 offices above


10 rooms with own street door

Reference: O1695

Location: South part of city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 28000 per annum

Size 1630 sq ft ( 151 m² )

Note: Offices or treatment rooms, a range of sizes on 3 floors. Own facilities including shower. 5 mins walk from station.


UNDER OFFERFor Sale 2 Storey offices, good parking

Reference: O1650

Location: Western outskirts of Bath

Tenure: 999 year leasehold

Cost: 365,000 (no VAT)

Size 1600 sq ft ( 149 m² )

Note: Glazed front ground floor, with external roller shutter, 3 large rooms on first floor, 2 car garage + parking space for up to 7.


The Tower Suite, 3 open-plan levels

Reference: O1697

Location: 2 miles NE of city centre, off A4

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 31,000+VAT per annum

Size 1530 sq ft ( 142 m² )

Note: Landmark building above the river and toll bridge. Great outlook. 4 parking spaces.


Part open-plan + 4 car spaces

Reference: O1692

Location: Just over 1/2 mile west of city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 27,500 per annum (no VAT)

Size 1350 sq ft ( 125 m² )

Note: Offices on three levels, Open-plan middle floor, demountable partitions on other floors. Fibre to the building.


Open-plan ground floor+ separate room

Reference: O1651

Location: Walcot Street, city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 26,000+VAT per annum

Size 1250 sq ft ( 116 m² )

Note: Air-conditioned office suite, open-plan business space with private office or meeting room.


1st Floor offices+ 5 car spaces

Reference: O1694

Location: Estate within Bath's western outskirts

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 15,000 per annum (no VAT)

Size 1170 sq ft ( 109 m² )

Note: Open-plan with two glass partitioned rooms, kitchen and own facilities. Suspended ceiling with new LED lighting


Split level offices + car space

Reference: O1670

Location: South part of city centre near station

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 19,000 per annum

Size 1140 sq ft ( 106 m² )

Note: 2 good rooms on first floor with open-plan gallery office above. Smaller ground floor suite also available.


Part open-plan 1st floor Offices

Reference: O1673

Location: SW of Queen Square near car park

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 20,000 per annum

Size 1000 sq ft ( 93 m² )

Note: Fully self-contained, own street entrance. Wood flooring throughout Open-plan + 2 rooms.


"UNDER OFFER". GF offices or flat conversion

Reference: O1674

Location: Oldfield Park

Tenure: Freehold

Cost: 275,000

Size 960 sq ft ( 89 m² )

Note: Ground floor + 2 storey extension Suitable for office or therapy uses. Also has consent for conversion to 2 flats


FOR SALE Ground floor, open-plan + parking

Reference: O1682

Location: Between Green Park and Queen Square

Tenure: 999 year leasehold

Cost: 450,000+VAT

Size 900 sq ft ( 84 m² )

Note: 2 car spaces in rear car park. Open-plan office with private room. 2 wide bow windows to street frontage.


Open-plan studio office + car space

Reference: O1677

Location: City centre near station

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 14,500 per annum

Size 770 sq ft ( 72 m² )

Note: Victorian building in a quiet position. High ceiling and large windows.


Prime Professional Offices - 4 Rooms

Reference: O1626

Location: Queen Square

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 15,000+VAT per annum

Size 740 sq ft ( 69 m² )

Note: Third Floor. 2 front offices + 2 linked rear offices


"UNDER OFFER" Detached Offices + Parking For Sale

Reference: O1689

Location: Quiet Residential Area

Tenure: Freehold

Cost: Offers Over 200,000

Size 600 sq ft ( 56 m² )


4 room office suite in Grade 1 building

Reference: O1690

Location: City centre above Queen Square

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 12,720 per annum (no VAT)

Size 590 sq ft ( 55 m² )

Note: 2 larger and 2 small rooms with great outlook. Use of shared garden. Rent payable monthly + a fixed services rent of 290 per month


"UNDER OFFER" Single storey open-plan studio

Reference: O1693

Location: Off the city centre end of Walcot Street

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 13,200 + VAT per annum

Size 538 sq ft ( 50 m² )

Note: Formerly a yoga and pilates studio but also suitable for open-plan office or therapy uses.


"UNDER OFFER" Ground floor: Offices For Sale

Reference: O1604

Location: Approx 1 mile NE of Bath city centre

Tenure: Freehold

Cost: 160,000

Size 515 sq ft ( 48 m² )

Note: 3 room self-contained business premises. Separate 1st floor flat also for sale.


Self-contained 4 room building + garden

Reference: O1696

Location: City centre near Green Park

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 11700 per annum

Size 505 sq ft ( 47 m² )

Note: 4 offices or treatment rooms with shower and part-paved walled garden.


First Floor suite + car space

Reference: O1655

Location: Half a mile west of city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 8,750 per annum

Size 482 sq ft ( 45 m² )

Note: 2 offices with large windows and double connecting doors. First floor from courtyard, ground floor level from the street.


Open-plan top floor + 2 car spaces

Reference: O1665

Location: Half mile west of city centre

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 8400 per annum

Size 475 sq ft ( 44 m² )

Note: 3rd floor from car parking courtyard and 2nd floor from main road front.


2 level self-contained office/consulting suite

Reference: O1684

Location: Between Pulteney Bridge and Great Pulteney Street

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 10,000 per annum

Size 400 sq ft ( 37 m² )

Note: 2 rooms + own waiting area/reception, wc and internal stairs.


Well-fitted 2nd floor offices

Reference: O1685

Location: Gay Street, near Queen Square

Tenure: Leasehold

Cost: 825 per month

Size 380 sq ft ( 35 m² )

Note: Good outlook along Queen's Parade Place. Central-heating, slim panel LED lighting, fitted kitchen area.


FOR SALE Lock-up office or shop + parking

Reference: O1686

Location: Parade 2 miles south of city centre

Tenure: Freehold

Cost: 95,000

Size 216 sq ft ( 20 m² )

Note: Includes double length parking space in front. Former office and store, also suit retail or therapy use.


Double Length Car Space to rent

Reference: O1698

Location: City Centre, R/O Charles Street

Tenure: Licence

Cost: 350+VAT per month

Size 0 sq ft ( 0 m² )

Note: Gated car park with remote control. 24/7 access.


Derek Walker Chartered Surveyors GDPR

Reference: O1606

Location: General Data Protection Regulation May 2018

Size 0 sq ft ( 0 m² )

Note: Data is taken and stored by us to match property requirements with the premises we have available to offer to the market. To read further please open Details.


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